Why The Whole Family Needs To See Dentist

admin 19 August, 2019 0

The dentists advise that moms and dads should be taking their kids in to see the dentist at least twice a year. This is just for inspection purposes to ensure that the kids’ teeth and gums are developing healthily and strongly. But mommies and daddies must never forget that the family dentistry south gate rooms are for them as well. Otherwise why would the dentist and his staff and colleagues be calling it a family practice?

A family is not a family if they are all not together. Young children without their moms and dads are orphans, are they not? And for further motivation about this family practice, here is that anecdote that may be a friendly reminder to new mommies and daddies still learning the ropes of good parenting. One of the best lessons is to always lead by example. Another way could also be to always practice what you preach.

And moms and dads; what could this mean? It is no use telling your young kids to go and brush their teeth before they go to bed – and don’t forget to floss – if you are not doing the same thing. Of course, if they’ve been tucked away in bed already – fingers crossed – and sleeping, how are they to notice this? But they could, of course, always check you out in the morning as everyone rushes about getting ready for work and school.

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So there is this tendency. If adults are not practicing regular oral hygiene, it is quite possible that their kids are going to copy their bad example. Unless of course – bless her little heart – the young kid just happens to be an angel. And at the rate they are helping young families, dentists can be angels too.