How to Positively Impact Today’s Youth

admin 11 July, 2019 0

Today’s youth face a variety of problems unheard of just a few years back. They feel misunderstood and that people don’t take seriously these issues. Teens face issues so many people could never fathom and need as many positive influences as possible in their lives to help them deal with and overcome these obstacles. If you want to make a positive impact on today’s youth, several simple ideas make doing so easy.

Become a Teen Mentor

youth mentors in Denver, Co listening to a teen

Provide your service as one of the great youth mentors in Denver, Co. As a mentor, your job is to provide an ear to listen to teens and their problems and provide them with words of encouragement and hope. Your goal is to steer them in the right direction, which they may not currently be in line for.  Mentorship programs are fun and it feels great to know that you have made such a positive impact on the life of someone who needed you the most.

Listen to the Teen

As mentioned, many teens feel misunderstood. They feel so misunderstood because they find it difficult to get their voice heard. Many people mistakenly feel that teens cannot or shouldn’t have opinions or even some of the feelings they have. But, the truth is, you cannot deny a person what they feel, even when it is unknown to your own train of thought. Nothing is more important than listening to a teen when they are ready and willing to come to you to talk.

Do Not Judge

Another reason that teens have trouble communicating with adults is because they feel they’ll be judged. No one wants to open up their heart only to be ridiculed or judged for their thoughts. If you judge the teen, don’t expect them to open up so freely next time. Many teens keep their emotions bottled up in fear of judgement. Make sure to keep an open mind when dealing with a teen and regardless of what you may feel, never cast judgement upon them. Appreciate one another’s differences rather than make the world more difficult for us all; that is a goal!

Establish Rules and Boundaries

Teens need rules and boundaries in their life. When they know the rules and boundaries, they may try to push them, but it’s your job to enforce them. This teaches teens life lessons, respect, and more.  Everyone in a teen’s life can and should make sure that boundaries are set and that the teen understands the rules they must abide by are not optional.

The Last Word

No matter the role that you play in a teen’s life, be it a parental position, a friend, a neighbor, or someone else, make sure that you positively impact them in every way that you can. Teens need the extra support to make it through this craziness called life these days. You can make a tremendous impact in their life, whether or not you realize it now.